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Evolving Fantasia

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Fortepiano Martin Sassman ´Heilmann 1785´

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach:

Fantasia in A minor, F. 23

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach:

Fantasia in F sharp minor, H.300

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:

Fantasia in D minor, K. 397

Fortepiano Paul McNulty ´Walter 1805´

Franz Schubert:

12 Ländler, D. 790: I. Ländler No. 1 in D Major

12 Ländler, D. 790: II. Ländler No. 2 in A Major

12 Ländler, D. 790: III. Ländler No. 3 in D Major

12 Ländler, D. 790: IV. Ländler No. 4 in D Major

12 Ländler, D. 790: V. Ländler No. 5 in B Minor

12 Ländler, D. 790: VI. Ländler No. 6 in G-Sharp Minor

12 Ländler, D. 790: VII. Ländler No. 7 in A-Flat Major

12 Ländler, D. 790: VIII. Ländler No. 8 in A-Flat Minor

12 Ländler, D. 790: IX. Ländler No. 9 in B Major

12 Ländler, D. 790: X. Ländler No. 10 in B Major

12 Ländler, D. 790: XI. Ländler No. 11 in A-Flat Major

12 Ländler, D. 790: XII. Ländler No. 12 in E Major

Steinway Model D

Franz Schubert:

Wanderer Fantasie, D. 760: I. Allegro con fuoco ma non troppo

Wanderer Fantasie, D. 760: II. Adagio

Wanderer Fantasie, D. 760: III. Presto

Wanderer Fantasie, D. 760: IV. Allegro

One of the most influential figures of the history of Fantasia is undoubtedly Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, who spent more than a chapter in his book ´The True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments´ on Fantasy and improvisation. Living in the time of the emergence of Style Galant, Empfindsamkeit, and the development of Fortepiano, Bach looked for an expressive content in music, which would touch the hearts of many. Instead of the perfectly calculated Polyphony of the highly Baroque time, music became more creative, expressive and charming.


Bach mentioned that in a Fantasy, one should enjoy the unmeasured freedom to explore as many colours, expressions and characters as possible. The constant alterations of keys, tempi and meters should be used to effectively capture the changes of expressions. Gradually, Fantasy has started to be recognised as an independent genre itself.

In this CD, you will listen to Fantasies that not only reveal the essence of the genre, but also evolve. They show new elements that correspond to a certain historical trend, and thereby pushing the genre a step forward. 

'Evolving Fantasia' is recorded on two Fortepianos (Heilmann 1785 and Walter 1805) and a modern Steinway D.

Concept of the CD

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